Announcing Evara Diamonds- The New Name of Belrose Diamonds.
Announcing Evara Diamonds- the new name of Belrose Diamonds.

What are Melee Diamonds?

What are Melee Diamonds?

While shopping around for jewelry you must have come across the word ‘melee diamonds’, coined by the diamond supplier. But have you ever imagined what this melee diamond is and how it can add a new taste to your jewelry?

In this guide, we will talk about what a melee diamond is, the different kinds of cuts that make these diamonds look fantastic, the factors you must remember before buying a small diamond, and how much a melee diamond costs to you.

So get ready to explore the unexplored, and find the perfect match for your next jewelry setting.

What is a Melee Diamond?

Melee diamonds are a special kind of diamond used for adding brilliance to diamond jewelry. These small diamonds are strategically used around a central diamond to add a scintillating glow and magnify the product’s beauty. Originally the word ‘melee’ has its roots in the French dictionary, where the word ‘mêlée’ refers to a kind of mixture or confusion. Tiny diamonds are specially arranged in a group to create a ravishing effect.

In the words of experts of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), melee diamonds are a special kind of small diamonds that weigh less than 0.2 carats. This implies that a melee diamond is very small to create its aura and this is the reason it is clustered in a group to add a sparkling effect to a boring-looking engagement ring. After the addition of a melee diamond in a ring, the ring becomes more impressive and alluring.

Melee diamonds are the perfect fit for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to high-valued regular diamonds. These diamonds have relatively lower prices than regular-size diamonds, making them a good option for rings and jewelry. Also, melee diamonds can easily hide any kind of imperfection in a diamond as they are set in a cluster and make the central diamond look flawless.

Different Types of Melee Diamonds Cut

There are a variety of melee diamonds available in the market that are specially prepared to add brilliance to jewelry. Mainly, they are used in pave, channel, and halo settings. You can distinguish melee diamonds based on their cut, each cut has its uniqueness, appearance, and usage.

Different types of Melee Diamond cut is given below:

Single Cut Melee Diamond

Single Cut Melee Diamond
Single cuts are the simple form of a melee diamond cut that makes it look alluring. The simple cut consists of 17 facets. Out of these 17 facets, eight facets are on the top part of a diamond known as the crown part. Another eight facets are on the bottom part also known as a pavilion and one is on the flat top surface, the table. However, in some melee diamonds, there can be an additional tiny facet (the culet) at the pavilion part.

The single-cut melee diamonds illuminate subtle brilliance in comparison to complex-cut diamonds. The reason behind this subtle sparkle is the presence of fewer facet inclusions than other cut diamonds. However, these diamonds are still a perfect example of elegance and add a new dimension to antique or vintage-style jewelry.

One of the most significant uses of single-cut melee diamonds is the pave setting in watch dials and jewelry which are made up of very delicate pieces of natural diamonds where a need of shimmer is required.

Full Cut Melee Diamond

In the contemporary diamond jewelry market, full-cut melee diamonds have a special place. It is one of the most common cuts used in recent times. Full-cut melee diamond has 57 facets including 33 facets on the top part (crown), 24 facets on the bottom part (pavilion), and in some cases there may be an additional facet known as culet at the bottom part.

What makes this cut so much popular is its natural brilliance and shine, the diamond makes jewelry highly desirable because of its extraordinary sparking effect and reflection of light. The higher number of facets increases its scintillating capabilities.

Whether it is earrings, ring bracelets, necklaces, or any other kind of jewelry, full-cut melee diamonds are used in all kinds of jewelry extensively. The sparkle, brilliance, and overall appeal of this diamond make it a perfect fit for every jewelry piece ever.

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How much are Melee Diamond Prices?

Several factors determine the price of a melee diamond including quality, size, cut, etc. The specific characteristics of the diamonds also play an important role in determining their price in the market.

Price Range of Melee Diamonds:

The approximate price range of melee diamonds in the market according to grading:

Quality Single Cut Full Cut
Low Quality (I-J color, I1-I2 clarity) $200 – $300 per carat $300 – $400 per carat
Medium Quality (G-H color, SI1-SI2 clarity) $300 – $500 per carat $500 – $800 per carat
High Quality (D-F color, VS1-VS2 clarity) $500 – $800 per carat $800 – $1,200+ per carat

Several factors determine the price of a melee diamond including quality, size, cut, etc. The specific characteristics of the diamonds also play an important role in determining their price in the market.

Carat Weight

Carat weight is one of the most important factors that affect the price of a melee diamond. In most cases the price of a diamond is determined as per the carat weight, more is the carat weight more is the price, and vice versa. Melee diamonds normally range between 0.001 and 0.18 carat.


The type of cut is also an important factor to consider. A full-cut melee diamond cost more than a single-cut melee diamond. As full-cut melee diamonds involve high precision and more complexity which is necessary to add high brilliance and sparkle, these diamonds are more expensive than others.

Color and Clarity

Melee Diamonds with brilliant color and alluring sparkle will cost more than those with less noticeable color and clarity. It is the clarity that makes a diamond look enticing. Melee diamonds with high clarity and beautiful colors are always in demand.


Buying melee diamonds in wholesale will cost you less. In wholesale purchasing diamond wholesalers can reduce per carat cost significantly and help you buy a variety of melee diamonds according to your needs.

Different Settings Types for Tiny Diamonds

From pave to channel and halo to clusters, there are versatile settings in which melee diamonds can be used. These settings have their usage and abilities. Different settings have different contributions to contemporary and classic jewelry, enhancing the beauty and brilliance of jewelry pieces together.

Pavé Setting

Pavé derived its meaning from the French vocabulary where it means “paved.” The diamonds are closely arranged with the help of tiny beads or metal with minimal visibility. The presence of three or more rows is the best suitable for engagement rings because they create a continuous series of sparkles around the central stone.

Channel Setting

The melee diamonds are arranged in a channel without any metal between them in a continuous series that offers a sleek and modern appearance to wedding bands and eternity rings.

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Halo Setting

The circular arrangement of melee diamonds creates an extraordinary spark around the central stone. In an engagement ring, one or two layers of melee diamonds can be arranged around the central stone according to choice and need.

Cluster Setting

The arrangement of melee diamonds in different patterns and shapes creates an illusion of a large stone in jewelry. It is popular in classic and antique-style jewelry.

Micro-Pavé Setting

Melee diamonds are arranged in the same manner as in a pave setting with high precision and skill. Due to the much smaller size of melee diamonds, this setting best goes with custom-designed jewelry, where detailed design is required.

Things to Consider While Buying Melee Diamonds

Tiny Diamonds
Before going to buy melee diamonds there are certain things you must keep in mind. These factors will help you grab the best deal, attain the utmost happiness, and fulfill your desire. These points are essential to consider while buying melee diamonds.


The cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are the 4c’s of diamonds, you dare not to ignore before buying melee diamond.


The quality and type of cut determine the brilliance and sparkle spread by a diamond. A precise cut will make a diamond look alluring on the other hand a cut without much consideration of the diamond shape makes it look dull and ineffective.
There are two types of popular cuts in melee diamonds:

  • Single Cut with 17 facets.
  • Double Cut with 57 facets.


When it comes to color, it means less color in the diamond world. Diamonds with higher color grades are more desirable than lower color grades. Colorless diamonds are the most demanded in the market and diamonds with yellowish or brown shades are the least.


It is very difficult to find any kind of inclusion in a melee diamond because of its smaller size, however, it is desirable to buy a melee diamond with higher clarity grading.

Carat Weight:

The size of melee diamonds is very small and therefore the carat weight of a diamond lies between 0.0001 and 0.20 carats. To get ultimate brilliance it is necessary to match the size of a diamond with the design and setting of the jewelry.


It is very difficult to certify each melee diamond. However, groups and batches of melee diamonds are certified by the sellers. Never forget to ask for a melee diamond which is sorted and graded by experts and is part of a certified batch or group.


It is essential to buy a diamond according to the setting and design of the jewelry. Make sure that the melee diamond you buy must match the setting (pave, halo, channel) and jewelry to get effective sparkle and brilliance.

Price and Budget

Different melee diamond sellers will quote you different prices. Before buying a melee diamond, finalize your budget and search for the seller that offers you the desired quality diamond in your budget. The higher quality diamond will look more alluring and add a more amazing look to the jewelry but it may cost you more. Also, the price of a melee diamond will depend upon its quality, cut, and source.

Brand’s Reputation

Reputed diamond brands offer you an environment of trust and reliability. The professionalism and expert advice rendered by them help you get quality products. It is advisable to visit a well-known melee diamond seller rather than wasting time at local shops.

Exchange and Return Policy

Pay attention to the exchange and return policy quoted by a melee diamond seller. In case a diamond does not meet your expectation you need to return it. A clear return and exchange policy will let you exchange or return products easily.

What are diamond chips?

Diamond chips are the small remnants of a large diamond left behind when diamonds are cut. The size of a diamond chip is less than one millimeter and has a carat weight of around 0.02 carat. It implies it can be used in the same setting as melee diamonds. However, their irregular shape and absence of proper facets make them less appealing than melee diamonds.

Without proper polish and facets, diamond chips do not create the same impact as other regular-shaped, beautifully cut diamonds. Reflection of light off the surface is the only way through which they make their sparkling effect.

How much do diamond chips cost?

The price of diamond chips is lower than the full-size large diamonds. As these small loose diamonds are the remnant of large diamonds they are not only small in size but also possess irregular shape that makes it difficult to contain any facet. This is the reason they bend away less light and spread a lesser amount of brilliance. Also, these chips are not polished products again due to their small size. All these factors together contribute to determining the price of diamond chips.

The price of diamond chips in the market is as follows:

Quality Price
Low Quality $50 to $200 per carat
Medium Quality $200 to $500 per carat
High Quality $500 to $1,000+ per carat


Diamond is just not a precious piece of stone, it is the symbol of love, care, and affection we hold in our hearts for our loved ones. Whether it is a large diamond or a small melee diamond, both represent the sparkle of our love.

It is the melee diamond that adds a new dimension to the brilliance of jewelry, it does not matter if it is a classic design or a contemporary one, and melee diamond makes it look more alluring and appealing.

However, there are certain factors you must keep in mind before buying a melee diamond. In this comprehensive guide, we offer you in-depth knowledge about melee diamonds. So next time when you want to buy one, you do not doubt its beauty and use.


1. Are melee diamonds GIA-certified?

On an individual basis, melee diamonds are not GIA-certified. However, their quality is assessed and analyzed in a batch or group by the sellers.

2. Do melee diamonds sparkle?

Yes, the melee diamond will sparkle. The brilliance depends upon the type of cut. If it is a single cut then sparkle spread by melee diamond is normal. But final-cut melee diamonds will add more sparkle to your jewelry.

3. How to measure Small diamonds?

There are tools like calipers and micrometers that are used to assess the weight and diameter of melee diamonds. Like other diamonds, melee diamonds are also categorized according to their carat weight. The carat weight of tiny diamonds lies between 0.001 and 0.20 carat.

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