Announcing Evara Diamonds- The New Name of Belrose Diamonds.
Announcing Evara Diamonds- the new name of Belrose Diamonds.

Top 10 Diamond Wholesalers USA

Top 10 Diamond Wholesalers USA

Searching for the best diamond wholesaler in the USA? We know it can be a daunting task. A diamond is not just a piece of precious stone, but a symbol of care and affection people hold for their loved ones and that is why they want to play it safe. When it comes to diamond purchase it is not child’s play, the right guidance will not only help you grab the best deal but also lead you to attain peace of mind.

What makes this industry a labyrinth for customers is the diversity of products offered like natural diamonds, strict compliance with global certification and quality benchmarks. However, choosing the right diamond wholesaler will create a difference. When it comes to the best price, high-quality product, and mental satisfaction, their expertise and professionalism will get you all. These diamond wholesalers in the USA are serving as a bridge between diamond manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

The diamond wholesale industry in the USA is a highly progressive industry with an overall market size of approximately $45 billion. According to a recent survey, the annual diamond jewelry sale in the USA is more than $32 billion, projecting a high rise in diamond purchasing in near future, and making it an attractive industry for investment.

The diamond wholesalers in the USA cater to a diverse range of demands of the consumers including engagement ring, jewelry, and other luxury items. Also, customers can check out for natural diamonds according to their needs. When it comes to quality assurance and authenticity, the diamond wholesalers in the USA are the front-runners. Renowned global institutes like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), etc. Certifies and authenticates diamonds in the country. The expertise, experience, and professionalism of wholesalers in the USA, make it a reliable market for diamond purchases.

Criteria for Selection

When it comes to criteria for selecting the right wholesaler there are various factors you must keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to the certification offered by them. In the USA certifications like GIA, RJC, and AGS, will help you understand the quality and authenticity of a diamond. Wholesalers who adhere to any of these standards are the best to go for.
  • Check out the wholesaler who offers a diverse range of diamonds including natural diamonds. Also, check for the diamond sizes and quality of the diamonds.
  • Look for wholesalers who can offer you competitive pricing with flexible payment terms. Analyze and evaluate their price structure to ensure the best price for your deal.
  • Customer reviews, reputation in the industry, and previous track record will help you find the best wholesaler for your needs. Read online customer testimonials to get an idea about wholesalers’ reputations in the market.
  • Wholesalers who believe in customer satisfaction and are willing to support them in their purchase are the best to deal with. On-time problem resolution and responsiveness make your purchases far easier and smoother.

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 diamond wholesalers in the USA and the different aspects a buyer must keep in mind before choosing a wholesaler. This comprehensive guide will help you grab the best quality diamonds with the best pricing.

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10 Best Diamond Wholesalers USA

Diamond Wholesalers Foundation Year Certification (GIA/HRD/IGI)
Evara Diamond 2007 GIA, AGS
James Allend 2006 RJC, GIA
Rapaport Group 1978 RJC, GIA, AGS
Brilliant Earth 2005 RJC, GIA
Whiteflash 2000 AGS, GIA
Stuller, Inc. 1970 RJC, ISO 9001
Ritani 1999 GIA, AGS
Leibish & Co 1979 GIA, EGL
Brian Gavin Diamonds 1999 GIA, AGS
Rare Carat 2017 RJC, GIA

1. Evara Diamonds

Evara Diamonds
Evara Diamonds is one of the most reliable diamond wholesalers and Companies that offer high-quality AGS and GIA-certified natural diamonds to customers. Here, diamonds come with competitive pricing, guaranteed certification, and on-time delivery. The company strongly believes in customer satisfaction and their expert guidance helps customers to choose the best for them.

2. James Allen

James Allen
Offering the finest quality natural in the USA, James Allen is known for its unique feature of 360-degree imagery of diamonds and specialized customization. The company focuses on quality with RJC and GIA certification, and customer satisfaction.

3. Rapaport Group

Rapaport Group
The publishing agency of Rapaport Diamond Report, this company plays a vital role in setting up industry standards for natural diamonds. They help wholesalers and retailers with the right pricing and reliable sources for natural diamonds with RJC, GIA, and AGS certifications.

4. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth
A known name in the industry, Brilliant Earth offers fine jewelry and aesthetic RJC and GIA-certified natural diamonds. Sustainability and social responsibility are the driving forces of this company.

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5. Whiteflash

With a tag line “a cut above”, Whiteflash provides customers with exceptional high-quality diamond cut with extraordinary clarity and brilliance. The diamonds offered by Whiteflash got AGS and GIA certifications.

6. Stuller, Inc.

Stuller, Inc.
Stuller, Inc. is a well-known wholesaler and retailer of natural diamonds. They offer superior quality diamonds certified by global gemological institutes. The wholesale diamond prices quoted by them are according to industry standards with strong logistic support.

7. Ritani

Ritani offers a unique purchasing experience to customers by combining both online and offline shopping. Customers can shop GIA, and AGS-certified natural diamonds online with an in-store preview facility. This assures the customers regarding the quality of a diamond.

8. Leibish & Co

Leibish & Co
Expert in providing color diamonds and gemstones, the natural diamonds offered by Leibish & Co are not only fancy but of high quality. These diamonds are certified with GIA and EGL certification.

9. Brian Gavin Diamonds

Brian Gavin Diamonds
A pioneer in lab-grown diamonds, Brian Gavin Diamonds believes in sustainable and environment-friendly options. With RJC and GIA certifications they provide customers with high-quality natural diamonds.

10. Rare Carat

Rare Carat
Rare Carat believes in technology and customer satisfaction. With the amalgamation of AI technology in the diamond industry they can offer competitive pricing with strong customer satisfaction. RJC and GIA certification make their natural diamonds worth buying.

Importance of Choosing the Right Wholesaler

When you go for the right wholesaler, it will bring you a variety of benefits. Whether it is quality assurance, customer satisfaction, or economic costs, you will get it all without much effort.
There are a variety of reasons for choosing the right wholesaler:

No Compromise with Quality

Without any doubt, quality is the word which scares most of the buyers. When you opt for the right wholesaler quality assurance comes with it. The right diamond wholesaler offers you authenticated products with proper certification and industry standards.

Competitive Pricing

The right wholesaler will help you increase your profit margins by offering competitive prices. You will get the best deal at the best price.


On-time delivery assurance and timely resolutions of customer problems are the characteristics of the right wholesaler. On-time delivery and proper logistics support will help you in fulfilling orders without any delay.

Ethical business practices

A right wholesaler never compromises on ethical business practices. They properly align with regulatory norms and provide you with legal assurance for your purchase.

Customer Support and Services

A professional wholesaler offers you satisfied customer services, easy stream lined process, proper communication channels, fast shipping, and flexible payment terms. They will save you effort and time by providing professional support and expert guidance.

How to Choose the Right Wholesaler?

Taking the first step in the right direction helps you win the game. This is the same case with the diamond industry in the USA. Opting for a professional diamond wholesaler in the USA is a crucial decision, it will not only affect your future business growth and profitability but also customer satisfaction and overall competence.

Whether you are struggling with questions like key factors to consider, tips for evaluating wholesalers, or questions to ask potential suppliers, the solutions to all your queries is provided below that helps you find the best fit.

Key Factors to Consider:

Quality of a Product

Paying attention to the quality of a diamond is the foremost thing one must do. Wholesaler that offers high-quality natural diamonds are good to deal with. Also, pay attention to the range of products offered by them. More variety means more options for you to sell to your customers.

Pricing and Payment

To maintain profit margin in a diamond business opting for competitive pricing is imperative. Evaluate the pricing structure of different wholesalers and select the best among them. In addition to this, give careful consideration to payment terms offered. A flexible payment cycle will help you in managing your cash flow efficiently.

Experience and Reputation

Try to deal with wholesalers who have a strong track record in the industry. A reputed and experienced wholesaler understands the importance of time and focuses on timely deliveries with consistency. Search for online reviews, customer testimonials, and professionals in the industry to get a clear picture of the experience and reputation of a wholesaler.

Customer Service

Willingness to address customer concerns and their timely disposal plays a significant role in building long-term relationships. A wholesaler who pays proper attention to customers’ grievances is the best to deal with. A customer-friendly wholesaler will resolve issues quickly and create an environment of trust and reliability.

Logistics support offered

Logistics plays a crucial role in scaling business to new heights. A wholesaler with strong logistic support will not only offer you efficient deliveries but also maintain consistency. Check out for distribution capabilities, the region in which they operate, on-time delivery track record, and delivery costs involved.

Tips for Evaluating Wholesalers

Do Research

To find a reputable wholesaler in the USA take the help of industry professionals, directories, online searches, and different wholesaler associations. Analyze their background, track record, customers’ reviews, and market feedback.

Analyze Samples

Before finalizing the deal, it is imperative to ask for a sample and analyze it thoroughly. Evaluating quality first-hand will help you understand the standard offered by the wholesaler and does it meets the standard you are looking for or not.

Give a Visit

To get the perfect idea about the wholesaler’s operations, quality, storage, and overall working environment, it is essential that you at least once pay a visit to the facility or warehouse. This will help you make an informed decision.

Certification and Compliance

Check whether wholesalers comply with industry standards or not. Pay attention to certifications like GIA and IGI. These global indicators will help you understand the quality and safety measures opted by the wholesaler.

Use of Technology

The use of advanced technology will lead to efficient management systems which ultimately get businesses happy customers. A wholesaler who is equipped with technology in order tracking mechanisms, inventory management, communications, and delivery will not only streamline your purchases but also reduce the scope of any error.

Questions to Ask Potential Suppliers

What is your price structure?

Ask the wholesaler about its price structure and pricing. This question will help you in determining whether the wholesaler’s pricing is suitable for you or not.

What kind of policy do you adhere to when returning any damaged goods?

This question gives you an idea about the return and damaged product policy of a wholesaler that will help you understand how wholesalers deal with defective and returned products.

What kind of steps do you take when there is a shortage of inventory?

This question will yield you a correct idea about the wholesaler’s operational efficiency during tight situations.

Is customer satisfaction important or not?

If a wholesaler believes in customer satisfaction then it will be very beneficial for you as it makes it very easy to resolve any problem effectively and easily.

Is there any discount on large orders?

Asking for discounts on large orders will help you grab a cheaper deal that saves you a lot of money in the long term. If you get products at a discounted rates then you will be able to offer an additional discount to your customers.


When it comes to wholesale diamonds, people want to choose the best out of all. They do not want to compromise on quality, design, and price. They want the best cut for them. Getting superior quality wholesale natural diamonds in the USA can be a challenging task. But you guys do not need to worry! We are here to sail you through the storm and find you the best deal.

Whether you are struggling with the top 10 diamond wholesalers in the USA or how to choose the right wholesaler, all these thoughts will no longer haunt you. In this comprehensive guide, you will get answers to all your queries. Now, just get ready to find the best diamond deal in the USA.


1. How much cheaper are diamonds wholesale?

The prices of wholesale diamonds are cheaper than retail prices. The prices of wholesale diamonds may vary from 30% to 50%. Wholesale purchasing helps you remove retail margins that lead you to save a large amount.

2. How do diamond wholesalers work?

The diamond wholesalers work as a bridge between manufacturers and retailers. They purchase diamonds in bulk from the manufacturers and sell them to retailers with profit margins, thus maintaining the supply chain.

3. Where in the world is best to buy diamonds?

There are many places in the world to buy diamonds, but the USA may serve you as a suitable place to buy diamonds. Here, you can find professionals who offer high-quality certified natural diamonds. The prices here are also competitive.

4. How can I verify the authenticity and quality of a diamond from a wholesaler?

Certificates like GIA, AGS, and RJS will help you find the right quality and authenticity of a diamond. When you buy a diamond, you must examine the certification and grading it holds. Also, check out for customers’ reviews and the market reputation of a wholesaler.

5. Can I buy diamonds from these wholesalers if I’m an individual and not a business?

Yes, you can easily buy diamonds from these wholesalers if you are an individual. They offer a variety of natural diamonds with suitable budgets.

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