Announcing Evara Dimaonds :— The Belrose Diamonds company's new name.
Announcing Evara Dimaonds — the Belrose Diamonds company's new name.

10 Top Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney 2024

10 Top Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney 2024

In recent years, the diamond market has showcased a prodigious rise, and if we dive deep, we find that Sydney is one of the prominent centers for diamond wholesaling. Acknowledged for its quality, adroitness, and reliability, Sydney is the home of top diamond wholesalers.

If we contemplate the Australian diamond market, we notice that there is phenomenal surf, forging Sydney as one of the biggest markets for diamonds. According to recent reports, there is a momentous increase in the diamond market in Australia, with an estimated increase of $2.59 billion in the year 2024 from $2.43 billion in the year 2023. The consumer annual growth rate (CAGR) shows a significant increase to 6.7%, indicating a rise in demand for diamonds not only as a good embodying luxury but also as an emblem of gentility and honor.

Australia has a strong foothold in markets like China, the United States of America, Belgium and Singapore. The diamond suppliers in Sydney endorse the city’s commitment to high-quality wholesale diamonds and enrich Australia’s position as an important international diamond market.

In this article, we get to know about 10 top diamond wholesalers in Sydney, factors that must be kept in mind before choosing a diamond supplier in Sydney, a guide to buy diamonds from wholesalers in Sydney, and tips to get the best deal.

Interesting Facts About Sydney

Sydney, a city with unclothed treasure and obscure marvels, resides in the hearts of travelers around the world. Either it is art, culture, nightlife, or wholesale loose diamonds this metropolis will surprise you on every step, that is why it is no wonder it has such a huge fan following. With its cultural mosaic and untouched nature, this city hides myriads of secrets in its soul eagerly anticipating to be revealed.

To make you fall in love with the city, here are top 10 interesting facts about Sydney:

1. The longest steel arch bridge in the world

Sydney is the home of the longest steel arch bridge known as the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Built in the 1930s, the bridge has a railway track, a bicycle path, and eight lanes for traffic movement and staircases for visitors to visit the center of the arch. The bridge spans about 1650 feet, offering it a spectacular look and an amazing highlight of the city.

2. The magnificent sky-high

The second highest building in the Southern Hemisphere, the majestic Sydney Tower is 1,014 feet high and it is an intrinsic part of the Sydney skyline. The “Sydney Tower Eye” serves as paradise for dining lovers, where you find alluring restaurants making it a place worth to exhilarate.

3. The city with 100 beaches

Situated on the south-east coast of Australia, it is the premier destination for water sports on the continent. This megalopolis is home to more than 100 beaches, and Bondi Beach is the “gem in the crown.” Those who are looking for an adrenaline rush, Sydney will not disappoint you.

4. Spectacular Vivid Sydney

“Vivid Sydney” is the most astounding event that transforms Sydney into a ravishing array of illumination. Every year in the month from May to June, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge become nucleus of this splendid event.

5. Home to the largest natural harbor in the world

With a single entrance and a covering area of 11 miles, Sydney Harbor is the world’s largest natural harbor. Home to many exclusive species like grey nurse sharks, Australian fur seals, bottlenose dolphins, etc.

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6. Free sculpture exhibition

Known as “Sculpture by the Sea,” it is the world’s largest free sculpture exhibition held every year. With the participation of over 100 artisans from all over the world, it is an outstanding event for art lovers.

7. Eminent Sydney Opera-House

Constructed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, this magnificent building has been in existence since 1973. The $100 million building is one of the premier venues for performing arts and cultural activities, and it serves as the global ambassador for Sydney.

8. One of the world’s most famous wine regions

For all wine lovers, the Hunter Valley region is a paradise. It lies in some of the best places for synthesizing wine; it is a phenomenal place for checking out some of the best exotic wines.

9. The oldest park in Australia

The oldest park in Australia, Hyde Park, was established in 1810. This is the most famous park all over Australia and a major tourist destination in Sydney. The park is known for its scenic beauty and natural prospects.

10. The best city for the new year’s celebrations

Sydney’s position lie close to the International Date Line, making it the first city in the world to celebrate the New Year. It is no wonder that every year millions of people gather here to watch and enjoy marvellous fireworks and celebrate the New Year.

10 Best Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney

Here are the list of 10 best diamond wholesalers in Sydney:

S.no Diamond Wholesalers Foundation Year Certification Supplier (natural or lab grown diamonds
1. Evara Diamonds 1970 GIA/HRD/IGI Natural Diamonds
2. Nick Ireland- The Diamond Jewellery Studio 1992 GIA Natural Diamonds
3. Australian Diamond Importers 1975 GGIA Natural Diamonds
4. GS Diamonds No specific information available GIA Natural and Lab-Grown Diamond
5. Diamond Imports 1979 GIA/HRD Natural Diamond
6. Diamond Elite 2009 GIA Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds
7. Australian Diamond Network 1995 GIA/IGI Natural Diamond
8. Diamond Emporium 2008 GIA/IGI Natural Diamond
9. Australian Diamond Wholesalers 1990 GIA/HRD Natural Diamonds
10. Diamond by Design 2012 GIA/IGI Natural Diamonds

1. Evara Diamonds

Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney
Evara Diamond is one of the premier diamond suppliers in Sydney. Founded in 1970, the company is committed to the high-quality natural diamond business with GIA certification. The company aims to provide with the best class diamonds, diamond jewelry offering the perfect gem to every customer.

2. Nick Ireland – The Diamond Jewellery Studio

Diamond Wholesaler in Sydney
The Nick Ireland is a renowned for its premium natural loose diamond jewelry, ensuring the highest industry standards since 1992. The company deals in GIA certified diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds, offering transparency and endowment. Customer satisfaction is what this organization is working hard for.

3. Australian Diamond Importers

Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney
The exceptional quality and customer service are what make Australian Diamond Importer a renowned diamond wholesaler in Sydney. Established in 1975, the company is now run by the third generation of adept jewelers. Here you will find an exotic collection of GIA-certified natural diamonds curated with expertise and reliability.

4. GS Diamonds

Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney
When honesty and authenticity are amalgamated with hard work, it results in success. This is the mantra for GS Diamond, which has 30 years of experience in the industry. The company deals with a wide range of natural and lab grown diamonds with GIA certification, making them a reliable diamond wholesaler in Sydney.

5. Diamonds Imports

Diamond Wholesaler in Sydney
Diamond imports since 1979, equipping customers with high-quality GIA and HRD certified diamonds. Their professionalism is clearly visible through their innovative design and personalized services, which shine through every loose diamond they offer.

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6. Diamond Elite

Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney
With an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, Diamond Elite is synonymous with loyalty and sincerity. Since 2009, this company has been providing clients with professionalism and expert guidance. They are pioneers in GIA-certified diamonds and offer high-quality natural and lab grown diamonds.

7. Australian Diamond Network

Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney
One of the most trusted names in the industry, Australian Diamond Network, is a trusted diamond wholesaler in Sydney. They have a wide range of natural diamonds with IGI certification to take care of different tastes and preferences. Their integrity and reliability earn them a good name in the diamond industry.

8. Diamond Emporium

Diamond Wholesaler in Sydney
Established in 2008, Diamond Emporium serves clients with first-rate natural diamonds graded by organizations like GIA and IGI. What makes them one of the most renowned names in the industry is their commitment to customers and professionalism. Their dedication to clients’ needs makes them a trusted name for buying wholesale loose diamonds.

9. Australian Diamond Wholesalers

The Australian Online Diamond Wholesalers is the name that represents quality and trust. They have a comprehensive range of natural diamonds to cater to customers’ needs and help them find the ideal diamond. The diamonds they offer are GIA and HRD certified, which makes them a reliable and trustworthy diamond wholesaler.

10. Diamonds by Design

Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney
The detailing and craftsmanship are what distinguish Diamond by Design from others. Known for its GIA and IGI-certified diamonds, they make sure that their customers will get high-quality natural diamonds satisfying their expectations. They provide premium diamonds at a guaranteed price.

Diamond Wholesalers Sydney: Why It is Important To Choose The Right One?

When it comes to high quality wholesale diamonds, loose diamonds, GIA certified diamonds, choosing the right diamond wholesaler in Sydney is paramount for getting ethically sourced stones.

Here are the reasons why you need to choose the right diamond wholesaler in Sydney:

Quality Assurance

Quality holds utmost importance, an esteemed wholesaler always maintains high-quality standards, offering assurance to the customers about the ethically sourced stones. A right diamond wholesaler assures you regarding your investment.

Vast Collection

A right diamond wholesaler will offer you a wide range of precious gemstones to choose from, whether it is carat weight, cutting quality, clarity, or color. You will have a variety of options to choose the perfect fit for yourself. Either you are looking for a large, best cutting diamond or a small diamond with a unique design you will easily find the ideal match.

Diamond Specialists

When you go to the right diamond wholesaler, you will find the difference. The staff there is not only knowledgeable but also gives you expert guidance on choosing the right fit for your needs. It does not matter whether you are a smart buyer or a rookie; the staff will help you in making an informed decision.

Best Price

In the diamond industry, it is not only the quality that matters but also the price that plays a crucial role. A prominent diamond wholesaler will give you a fair and competitive prices, which will help you get the best investment for yourself.

Legal Assurance

It is very important to buy diamonds only from a wholesaler who has the proper license and authority to deal with them. When you buy diamonds from a legal source, it will give you proper assurance about fair trade practices, proper labor conditions, environment-friendly mining and conflict free purchase.

Benefits of Buying Diamonds from Diamond Wholesaler Sydney

Purchasing diamonds from renowned diamond suppliers in Sydney will change your diamond buying experience forever. From competitive pricing to top-quality expert advice, from access to high quality diamonds to customization options and assurance of transparency and endowment, these all lead to confidence in your purchases.

Buying diamond from a diamond wholesaler in Sydney will get you:

Competitive Prices

The wholesalers in Sydney will offer you a very competitive price, getting you the best investment. They assists customers in purchasing conflict free highest quality diamonds at economical rate.

Ideal Diamonds

The suppliers hold reserves of wholesale diamonds, including diamonds that fit perfect in customer’s definition of ideal diamond. You can choose the best deal from a variety of diamonds like lab-grown or natural diamond and depending upon their brilliance, scintillation, and pricing.

Transparency and Certification

The right diamond wholesaler will always prioritize certification of diamonds and transparency in trade. These traders will provide you detail information about each diamond’s characteristics including the 4c’ (cut, clarity, color and carat weight). The certificate of authenticity will save your interest from any unwarranted loss.

Customization Services

The customization services assist you in tailoring a diamond according to your need and specification. The diamond specialists will bring out their creative minds to get your vision of life in your hands without compromising on standards.

Expert Advice

The right wholesalers have plethora of knowledge about the diamonds. They are the diamond specialists who holds in-depth knowledge regarding the traits and business. The guidance and knowledge offered by these experienced team will assist you in locking the best deal for yourself.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Diamond Supplier in Sydney


When it comes to choose a diamond supplier in Sydney, there are various factors that you must keep in mind before selecting one. If you adhere to these factors and prioritize your needs, the whole buying process will be smooth and pleasurable.

Factors to consider when choosing a diamond supplier in Sydney:

Authentic Wholesaler

It is very essential to look for the suppliers who are members of reputable organizations like the Jewellers Association of Australia or the Diamond Australia Guild. This will safeguard your diamond purchases against any consequences and ensure that you made an authentic investment.

Get the Certificate

This is one of the very common mistakes committed by purchasers. Purchasing wholesale diamonds without proper certification will end up you in trouble. The reputable wholesalers in Sydney provide you with diamonds graded by distinguished institutions like GIA, IGI, HRD, etc. It is a simple rule: a certified diamond is directly proportional to a high quality diamond.

Remember the 4c’s

The 4c’s (cut, clarity, carat and color) are the foundation for buying the best quality loose diamonds. Do not just go for purchasing diamonds at random, look, think, evaluate and then go with the flow. If you put emphasis on the rule of 4c’s, you will never miss the best.


It is one of the biggest mistakes if you leave your diamonds unprotected. After acquiring a diamond, the first thing you do is to get specialized insurance for your diamond. Make sure that your insurance must covers losses from theft and damage caused by any other means like water, loss, fire etc. Also, pay attention to coverage costs, policy limits and the type of diamond covered (lab-grown diamond or natural diamond).

Guide to Buying Diamonds from Wholesalers in Sydney

Not every diamond is the same! If you are looking for diamond distributors in Sydney there are some important points you must consider before finalizing your purchase.

Here is the guide to buy diamonds from wholesalers in Sydney:

Thorough Research

Before coming to the conclusion of buying diamond from a wholesaler it is imperative to do thorough research. Understand the concept of 4cs (cut, clarity, color and carat weight) and its implication on the quality and price. Ensure that you are aware with the different shapes, cutting and certification.

Find reputable wholesalers

Do an in-depth research to pinpoint the right diamond supplier in Sydney. Take the help of family, friends, industry experts etc. and find out distributors who offer high quality diamonds. Search for those wholesalers who are also affiliated with some reputable organizations like the Jewellers Association of Australia or the Diamond Australia Guild.

Demand for certification

Always purchase those wholesale diamonds that comes with proper certificates, such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). These certificate assure diamond’s quality and authenticity.

Determine Budget

It is paramount to decide your budget and requirements. Decide on factors like purpose of your purchase, characteristics of a preferred diamond, price and certification. When you have clear understanding regarding the purchase it will streamline your investment.

Take informed decision

Visiting different wholesalers, inspecting different kinds of diamonds, analyzing their quality and getting information about their certification, price and origin are important steps ahead of a purchase. Take the time to compare different.

Negotiate Price

Negotiating price will help you in locking the best deal. Prior to finalize payment negotiate on price and terms with the wholesaler, discuss discount, warranties, and payment option. Be ready to walk away! if the terms are not satisfactory.

Finalize the purchase

Once you lock the deal with the desired wholesaler and purchase the diamond ensure that you do not miss on proper documentations. Collect the legitimate invoice of your purchase, receipts and certification for the authenticity of your diamond. Keep these papers safe and secure for future reference.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal When Buying Diamonds from Diamond Suppliers In Sydney

To secure the optimal diamond deal in Sydney, it is crucial that you are aware of certain tips to make wise investments. The following tips will increase your chances of getting the best deal, securing high-quality diamonds at a fair price:

  • It is imperative to make yourself aware with the thumb rule of 4cs (cut, clarity, color and carat weight) before buying any diamond. It helps you make an informed decision.
  • Visit different wholesalers in Sydney and try to get price quotations. Compare the price and go for the best money for value deal.
  • Negotiation is the key. Before making any payment for a diamond purchase, it is essential to bargain with the diamond wholesaler to get additional benefits.
  • Always ask for certification and documentation. The diamonds that are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI) are the best to buy.
  • Inspect the diamond in person and analyze the diamond’s brilliance, quality and overall appearance before finalizing the deal.
  • Ask the supplier about his return policy and warranties. In case you are not satisfied with the purchase, these things will help you in tackling the situation easily.
  • Building up personal relationships is always beneficial. Try to establish good interrelationships with diamond suppliers for long term benefits like personalized service, value for money deals and exclusive discounts.


All those diamonds lovers! who are seeking for the highest-quality wholesale diamonds in Sydney, now have a complete guide for fulfilling their desire. Whether it is doubt about top 10 diamond wholesalers in Sydney or any dilemma regarding factors to consider when choosing a diamond supplier in Sydney, either you are looking for tips for getting the best deal when buying diamonds from diamond suppliers in Sydney or benefits of buying diamonds from diamond wholesaler in Sydney, this article will help you in getting all these answers. So, next time when you are in a search of a perfect diamond you know what to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to buy diamond jewelry from Diamond Wholesalers in Sydney?

There are certain points which one keeps in mind before buying jewelry from diamond distributors in Sydney. Make sure you visit the showrooms, compare diamonds, ensure certification, bargain price and then finalize your purchase.

2. How do I choose the best diamond Supplier in Sydney?

Suppliers who are affiliated with organizations like the Jewelers Association of Australia or the Diamond Australia Guild and offer diamonds certified by GIA/IGI are worth to consider. Look for customer reviews and testimonials to make prudent decision.

3. Who is the largest diamond retailer in Sydney?

To make an informed judgement visit the above mentioned list of 10 top diamond wholesalers in Sydney.

4. What types of diamonds are available from diamond wholesalers in Sydney? 

The diamond wholesalers in Sydney offer a variety of diamonds including natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Here you will find fancy coloured diamonds, certified loose diamonds, pink diamonds, arrow cut diamonds and much more.

5. Where can I find the best diamond wholesalers in Sydney at the best prices?

To find the best diamond wholesaler in Sydney, visit the above mentioned list, search diamond wholesalers online, take opinion from family and friends and visit different showrooms to find out the best.

6.  Are wholesale prices better than retail prices for diamonds in Sydney?

It is true that the prices for wholesale diamonds in Sydney is lower than the retail prices. The wholesalers sells diamonds in large quantity and directly to customers without adding additional cost. This help customers to acquire high quality loose diamonds at affordable rates.

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